Crazy art pieces made with cell phones

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Crazy art pieces made with cell phones

Cell phones are small computers. They have inbuilt software and drivers that allow installation of graphical presentation component to create graphics and artwork. The android phones are even more simple and integrated with various pieces of artwork. Graphical presentation, desktop publishing, and image design software are compatible with the cell phone to give a touch of art in graphics and image presentation. Videos created from the phones can also have artwork incorporated especially for professional video editing.

These tools have given artists and easy time to play around with the shapes, images, background, and color themes to come up with a great artistic graphics. The traditional artwork was time-consuming and complex to make. The mobile phone technology has made artwork a click of a button away. However, not everyone is an artist. It also needs passions and skill talent to come up with an original, unique design that appreciates art.

Some of the art pieces created with cell phones include:

  • 3D animation: Traditional artwork could only create a 2D artwork. The cell phone technology has made it possible to have a 3D animation to give a clear view of images and graphics.
  • Customization: The cameras from the phones can be personalized and customized using various software to make a video series of them. Instead of navigating to watch photos the photo grid give a clear outlook of the images.
  • Digital technology: Cell phone has created digital photography with the cell phone having inbuilt cameras and display themes to capture images and videos
  • Photoshop; with the cell phone everything is possible. The mobile device can make you sit on top of the highest building through photoshop. It makes the impossible possible.
  • The cell phone has added artistic features like background themes, color, texture, zoom in and zoom out feature all these has made artwork have a different form than the ancient technology.
  • Old phones that have worn out, instead of disposing them some artists have stacked them to gather to form different form of statues. It can take a form of a human being, animals and monument depending on the artist.
  • Inbuilt shapes, smileys and “emojis”: At times you may lack words to express emotions. Android based phone have artistic images that represent different emotions.
  • Display and screensaver: The background themes of cellphones display artistic work of cell phones. There are hundreds of inbuilt screen savers for different phones.

The basic function of a cell phone is to make and receive calls. It is also widely used as a medium for internet connection. It has other additional functions like image capturing, video recording, tools- calculator, clock, timer among others. You will realize all the other features of the cell phone is directly or indirectly involved in the artwork. Each phone has the different inbuilt function of artwork.  In social media platforms, the cell phones have inbuilt symbols that communicate “smileys”. Others have cartoon images that have different movements to suit the context of the conversation.

Capturing how pool vacuum works under water using your phone

 You do not have to have confiscated tool for you to capture the operations of the vacuum cleaner under water when you have a phone at your disposal. If you want to know, more about the appliance click on solar pool heater reviewed here for the best heaters for the pool. Mobile phone developers understand the value of the gadget in our daily lives; they chose to incorporate most of the functions in the appliance for efficient and effective delivery.

There are many applications one can install on the phone and enjoy the services. A camera is the most important function for this operation. A phone camera has all the required features to ensure you have all the minute details of the operations of a vacuum. You may need the information to build content for your research, or you are just curious on the complexities of the sanitation appliance.

Remember, you do not need any professional knowledge to operate the camera phone, but you need to understand the camera settings to get the right capture. Also, your position and proximity to the pool vacuum matter a lot on the quality of the image. If you stick in one position, let’s say on top of the pool, then be sure you will only capture a two-dimension image which may not give you the right details. This photography involves many movements; you have to capture each step such that when a stranger gets a sleek preview of the image, he can even write content based on the photos.

Most of the phone cameras have a video function, make good use of the feature; it gives a practical outlook of the functioning of the pool vacuum, unlike a picture. In case you opt to use a picture, you have to use various editing software and integrate voice function as an explanatory tool for someone to understand the concept better.

In case you have seen a pool vacuum while visiting a friend, and you need to have the same for your home; the video will be a guide such that when you visit the store to purchase your own. You get the same appliance compared to when you explain verbally, and probably the store attendant may not even understand what you require, after all, they are in business, they will give you what is available in stock.

Capturing the operation under water needs a waterproof camera, at the pool vac2at times they use detergents and chemicals to sterilize the pool. Ensure your phone is a shock and waterproof; otherwise, you may regret the decision. Furthermore, you need to have a phone camera with a high magnification to capture all the necessary steps in the functioning of the pool vacuum. Have you watched a movie and you are left with many questions than answers? This comes because of poor clarity because of the poor filming.

The time of the filming is also a great determinant of the best capture. Ensure the weather is calm and still such that you have no external interference.


Use of flashlight in phone photography

24640afae82177699310311081fdc566You have many photos on your phone but you realize despite having taken them from the same phone some a clearer compared to others. You even choose to delete them from the system completely. Why do you think this is so? Some of the factors that lead to this include:


  • The amount of light while taking the photo.
  • The settings of the camera
  • The megapixels of the phone camera
  • The time you capture the image
  • The quality of the phone camera

Among all these factors, the lighting system of the phone plays a significant role, simply because of shadow, texture and contrast effect to the final quality of the photograph.

What is the role of a flashlight in phone photography?

A LED bulb in a flashlight provides a broad lighting system to a photo allowing light to come from different directions reducing shadows reflection, contrast and texture effect such that it improves the photo quality. To make it simplier, it lighten up dark places . When there is the reduction in shadows to the image, you receive image enhancement and better photo-illumination.

The distance between the flashlight and the photo also matters a lot on the size of the phone photograph. If you need to take a wider view like a landscape view in a computer printout; you move the flashlight further from the picture while when you need to focus on a specific object, move the flashlight near it, so that to zoom in the photo for a narrow view.

A closer look at the flashlight LED bulb shows a white balance for light reflection as well as allows proper distribution of light to the object such that the camera is able to diffuse the lighting effect to the image of the phone photograph. Light reflection provides a systemized light movement.

In a poorly lit environment, some phones have an inbuilt flashlight to add more lighting system and to allow proper light diffusion. The flashlight has the same effect but from the opposite side.

Some pictures need to portray exact details and this needs a closer look. For example, a dog opening its mouth wide, you need to have a closer view of the tongue and the dental formula. A flashlight will come in handy to enhance the reflection and diffusion ability to get a near 3D view.

The angle between the phone lens and the object also determines the quality of the phone photograph. Remember, aerial and ground type of photographs. In ground photographs, the two are on the same level, you will get a 2D view of the phone photograph, although you will only see the parts in front of the phone camera. Comparatively, in aerial photographs you have to be on a higher ground than the object the top most parts will be captured, a flashlight enhances the texture quality of the image.

Lighting is essential in phone photography to enhance picture texture and contrast. The high light intensity from the flashlight helps a phone photographer have a clear view of the object. Furthermore, the fact that you can regulate the amount of light from a flashlight depending on the scene and other factors, it gives you the power to manage your phone photography.


Home tools used for phone creation

Phones are one of the gadgets that have undergone numerous inventions and innovations. To be specific, the level of technology of a country is measured using the type of phone they currently use. Developed economies, emerging economies and developing economies are the series used in technological advancement. Remember, apart from the designing and creating the phone you need to connect it with frequency links for them to capture networks available within the area. It is an overall complicated science in the development of a phone.

During designing and assemblage of the phone, you need home tools to make work easier and perfect when developing the phone. Some of the home tools required include:

Electric tester

Mobile phone uses electric current to ensure it is powered when the battery energy levels are high. An electric tester is a tool used to check the complete flow of current. If the current is not flowing, a manufacturer is able to diagnose the problem and fix it before he takes the phone for mass market production, which can lead to massive business losses due to manufacturers default.


During assemblage, the phone come in parts and it is the designer to put the right parts for the proper functioning of the phone. Screws of different sizes are used to join the parts together, hence you need a screwdriver to screw and unscrew them together for them to have a fixed position for the sake of proper functioning of the phone. You need to have different sizes of the screwdrivers since the screw is also in different sizes depending on the hole in which they are fixed on.


Capacitors are more complicated home tools a phone creator must possess, why? They are prone to different electric faults due to their delicate nature. When you have various capacitors of different power and strength, when you lose one or two in the process of phone creation, your work is not stuck instead you just replace and the work still continues.


Phone use different fuses to complete an electric circuit when there is too much current they tend to be blown off leading to poor electric conduction. As a phone creator, you need back up for this so that you are able to replace, test and prove the phone electric functionality.

Metallic glue

Where the screws cannot be used due to the flatness of the surface, a metallic glue comes in handy, even in areas where here could be some breakages, a metallic glue comes in handy when developing the phone.


When doing the fixing, your bare hands will not help you in giving the device a good grip for a perfect fix. Pliers come in handy to sort out this.

There are various home tools a phone creator need to have because of the complexity of the gadget but of course, you wont be needing a drill press good name brands and look for a website like this to have your phone created. Some include a socket, a universal charger etc. All these tools are used to measure and test the functionality of the device to avoid manufacturers’ defects, which can have massive business losses and long legal battles especially for Blue Chip phone companies who value their reputation.


Ways to capture a photo Moving Players in A ping pong game

Ping Pong is an intensive game, which needs good timing and accuracy when capturing photos during the game. There are various cell phones in the market with inbuilt cameras and videos but not all of them are suitable for capturing a photo of a moving player. To capture that historic move you need the following skills


Right camera position

Players have dynamic moves when receiving or responding to the ball. It is a necessity to have a good position to allow you capture the moves. In some events, there are designated areas for journalists and camera operators to take snapshots of their favorite players. In a podium, you might choose to start to ensure you have the right capture. However, you should consider other spectators while doing this. Security is also paramount; you might not be allowed to come closer to the play arena. Zoom in and zoom out features of your camera will be of help at this time. In an indoor venue, it might be easier since you can take the photo at close range.


High-resolution camera

The market has various cell phones with different resolution wavelength. Ensure your camera has a high resolution to help you capture the event within a short time. Remember the game is still on, a camera with a quick response will be better for such photography. A high-resolution camera might also capture the background and the play area together with the opponent. Journalists invest in high-resolution cameras to suit such a function.



A timer can also help in capturing the fast moves. The frequency of the capture while playing will capture all the moves giving you the option to choose the best shot. A time with a high frequency will capture the moves without any hitch.


Camera tricks skills

Some skills are learned on the job, you can learn the features of your cell phone camera to help you understand all the functions and choose which is ideal for the capture.

Multiple cameras


At times if your cell phone camera lacks auto rotate feature. A good capture might require a team effort. You can have other interested parties position themselves in the opposite direction so that each camera is able to capture players from their position. At the end of the game, you make a comparison and using infra-red features on cell phones you can share for everyone to have photos of all the captures.

Table tennis photography requires some level of photography expertise to enable you use the cell phone and get the spectacular captures of players playing around a good table tennis equipment( Cell phone manufacturers have developed cameras with high megapixels with great lenses to get the good captures. Cell phones with such quality are in demand and expensive. However, any cell phone with a camera can take the photos although the quality will be poor. Cell phones have numerous toolkits to support Ping Pong photography; you can use photo editing applications to enhance the quality of the photos.ppg

Food photography using smartphone

Food photography requires a good camera and lighting system to ensure you have a snapshot of the minute details for capturing the meals. Lighting, background, table set up, stable hands, use of odd numbers and camera applications are some of the factors you can consider in food photography. Sometimes, the presentation of the food depends on how it was cooked, for example: using an offset styled smoker or electric smoker. One blog site has revie
ws of different smokers. They compared the top electric smokers to different types. 


Lighting is vital in food photography when there is excess light it interferes with the smooth texture of the food. Natural light gives a smooth texture to the meal this means you should take the picture mid-morning when the sun is not too hot. If you choose to take the photograph in an enclosed setup, regulate the amount of light in the room. Smartphones have settings to change the lighting system while viewing the picture.



Food photography should depict high hygienic standards. You cannot take a picture on a dirty surface it gives a bad impression of poor food handling and preparation. Compared to traditional photography, smartphone food photography makes you view the picture and make any necessary adjustments to get a good capture.


Table set up

Professional food photography should follow all the cuisine rules and the table where you place the table should have the entire cutlery at the right place and the right positioning in relation to the furniture.



Shaking and trembling of the hands compromises picture quality. Some people naturally have shaking hands, these distort the snapshots. Remember, the picture should be able to show clearly the type of food and probably ingredients used. If this is not the case, you may miss out some important ingredients, which are essential in the picture.


Odd number effect

When taking photographs of foods, use an odd number of cutlery to create a uniform pattern; which is appealing to the eye.


Why use smartphones?

Traditional photography used film technology, which had its own share of challenges. The smartphone technology has addressed the challenges and made food photography an easy and efficient task. Once you have taken the photographs, you can share online through various social media platforms integrated on the smartphone through various supported web browsers.


In addition, there are other applications, which perform different functions to enhance food photography tasks. Some of them include editing functions, the addition of text and merging of photos for comparisons.


Quality is significant in food photography; this is possible when you have a camera with a strong lens with many features for numerous functions. Some of the features of a smartphone include zoom in and zoom out, editing functions, the addition of visual effects to help add graphical concepts for a better view.


Your smartphone is good enough for a start, you will master the rules of the game as you capture more photos since there is no school to learn how to use a smartphone in taking photographs. The manual can be of help since it describes the functions of every menu of the smartphone camera. If you need professional food photography, you need experts to help you climb the ladder.


Adobe Photoshop vs. Adobe Photoshop Sketch, Which is better for Coffee Designing?


Photoshop Sketch, one of the latest apps provided by Adobe allows you to make expressive sketches anywhere with the use of the drawing tools provided, such as pencils, markers, pens, and watercolor brushes to acquire all the textures and blending effects that you can only get with a piece of paper. Compared to other products provided by Adobe, Photoshop Sketch can be in the palm of your hand, obviously using your phone as its medium.

A lot of businesses, such as big companies, firms, and small restaurants have used this app for their purposes. Your coffee shop can benefit from it as well. Simply having a gaggia espresso machine is not enough, you would be needing a design to promote your business. Although it’s a great innovation, can it be comparable to the Adobe Photoshop that we’ve been getting the habit of using through our PC or laptop? Let’s find out.

What Is Great and What Is Bad About Photoshop

Almost all web designers are familiar with Photoshop. It is one of the main reasons why it is popular. Most designers are basically couch potatoes, changing what they’ve been used to and learning a different workflow with the new tool may not be fun than you would think. Getting used to a software makes it faster to execute particular tasks, compared to training yourself to use new shortcuts and features.

You can use Photoshop Using Windows or iOS. This advantage makes it accessible for a lot of users. And since Adobe has launched two apps that can be used with your iPad, you can do image editing and mockup creating while on the go.

However, the accessibility can also be affected in a bad way because of the price. Instead of paying for the whole infinite use of the application, you’ll have to pay through its monthly subscriptions instead. This discourages a lot of web designers, leading them to lean on other cheaper software.

Sketch Came Along

Sketch has been here quite a while. And during that particular duration of time, it has gained a lot of audiences and loyal customers. Several Quora discussions consist of comments promoting the said application. Professional web designers have shared their own experience of breaking up with Photoshop and building a relationship with Sketch.

We wouldn’t be surprised, especially with the features that are available to Sketch that isn’t to Photoshop. First of all, it’s a lightweight phone app that doesn’t eat up a lot of Rams compared to the traditional Photoshop. Added to that, the said phone app provides with a less congregated menu with several tools located on the toolbar. It may seem that they’re congested, but a significant amount of using it will make you get used to them, making it a handy choice. Second, Sketch provides integrated grids, allowing web designers to tweak their design elements quicker and smoother. With several amazing template presents and Artboard presets, the designing process transforms into a great game. We know that you don’t have access to tools from Photoshop in the Sketch App. However, you can extend the app’s functionality by installing several plug-ins.

You can easily turn the statement “Coffee Machine can make your design possible” into a more meaningful and effective slogan thanks to Photoshop Sketch.

Are you ready to design using these tool? Now is the right time and of course, Don’t forget your coffee!

Using MailChimp to sell artwork

Using MailChimp to sell artwork


MailChimp is Email marketing software that uses a single opt-in function to reach its prospects. The email marketing tools can be personalized and customized with a touch of artwork in them to give a more detailed and attractive Email. The marketing campaign tools can have artistic images and graphics  in them to reduce boredom associated with plain text email. Different style and designs can be incorporated to produce an email with a professional touch. The image and text editor allows the artwork to be incorporated in the toolset. The following are some of the functions that can use artwork in MailChimp.

  • Newsletter design: Subscribers who receive newsletters periodically can have artistic newsletters that communicate or pass information.
  • Marketing campaign tool: In marketing artwork is a required feature to design and create effective marketing tools. MailChimp customizable image editor can support a bit of artwork.
  • MailChimp cards: This software has postcards that cost averagely $10 this can have some artistic function to give out a real- time well- designed cards.
  • Spam filters: The use of artwork even in email can make it pass the filter and not sent as a spam making the email not readable by the desired prospect.
  • MailChimp merchandise: Merchandise can be designed and logo printed on them they include: hats, T-shirts, newsletters, toys, blog among others.
  • Order form: order and query forms can have the logo or name of the company so that the client when making an order is sure of the product if he knows the logo.
  • Reports: While generating reports and analysis of the efficiency of the marketing tools, the graphs, and flow charts are drawn from the work of MailChimp software.
  • Courses and training supported by MailChimp can have some art in the titles, subtitles footnotes and headers so that when they are being sent they have an aesthetic value with a touch of art.
  • Background images of the tools is also a good example of artwork that that can be sold on the MailChimp platform.
  • MailChimp has different artistic styles inbuilt in the software that can be incorporated into the marketing campaign tools to bring out an awesome toolset.
  • While navigating from one page to the other or from one component to the other within the MailChimp software, the system has colors and pattern that can be used together when navigating.
  • Mail lists, subscribers contacts, groups can be classified and categorized into different groups and segments. Artists can use this feature to differentiate the groups with different colors, background themes so that even when sending the marketing tool one can be able to differentiate.
  • When making a follow up on the efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing tool, flow charts, pie charts, statistics and graphs can be differentiated using MailChimp artistic tools.
  • See comparison with other marketing

MailChimp as a marketing software can be used in various ways to sell artwork. A marketing campaign tool that is just artwork can be designed and the platform used to reach clients and prospects with great success.

Capturing Precious Moments with Dog’s Photography


Taking photos of your pet dog(s) can sometimes be as challenging as shooting a beautiful sunset. At least with the sun, it can seemingly stay put for several minutes. But with these tricks below, you can capture as many amazing moments of your dog(s) as you want.

Don’t Use Flash

To acquire that lighting that you want, use natural light instead of your phone’s / camera’s flash. It doesn’t just cause red-eye, but it can also frighten your buddy or cause them to close their eyes. Instead, bring your dog outside, or stay in a well-lit room.

Focus on Your Pet’s Eye photo

As William Shakespeare once said “, the eyes are the window to your soul”. Your dog’s eye can be extremely expressive, this is why we told you earlier that you should avoid using flash so they don’t close their eyes. There is so much love we can get from dogs.

Schedule Your Photoshoot

Unless you’re doing it just for fun, a good formal pet photo can be acquired through a certain schedule. The best time is to take a photo of your dog when he’s sleepy or just woke up from his long sleep. This way, you can keep him still for a longer period of time. If you’re looking for a more dynamic moment, schedule a time where your pet dog is lively. Don’t force your dog to photoshoot sessions if he’s sick.

Taking a Photo of Your Dog in Motion

You might have tried taking photos of the fun moment of your dog running around your backyard, but it ends up blurry all the time. Most camera phones have the capacity to take clear photos of moving objects. If you’re using a higher-end camera (like a DSLR), there’s a trick to have the perfect motion shot. Take photos in a fast shutter speed, with a camera that can focus on a moving subject (which is your dog). This trick keeps the focus motor running the whole time, so keep pressing the back focus button. If you’re taking it during the night, you’ll have to increase the ISO.

You Can Make Your Dog Smile

You can make your dog smile, literally by taking him for a quick run or tugging a toy with him. Let him chase you around, or have a quick play time for a few minutes. Active dogs are joyous dogs, so there’s a big chance they’ll give you a big smile before they sit down.

Take Your Time

It may take a long time for you to be able to capture that perfect moment of your pet dog. But hey, a good result takes patience. You might not know, you find your dog’s best pose just as you pocket your camera phone. But before you can take it back, that perfect picture moment disappears. Don’t force him to do this and that, he’ll probably just get mad at you. There are times where you have to wait several days to have that photo that you really want.