Adobe Photoshop vs. Adobe Photoshop Sketch, Which is better for Coffee Designing?


Photoshop Sketch, one of the latest apps provided by Adobe allows you to make expressive sketches anywhere with the use of the drawing tools provided, such as pencils, markers, pens, and watercolor brushes to acquire all the textures and blending effects that you can only get with a piece of paper. Compared to other products provided by Adobe, Photoshop Sketch can be in the palm of your hand, obviously using your phone as its medium.

A lot of businesses, such as big companies, firms, and small restaurants have used this app for their purposes. Your coffee shop can benefit from it as well. Simply having a gaggia espresso machine is not enough, you would be needing a design to promote your business. Although it’s a great innovation, can it be comparable to the Adobe Photoshop that we’ve been getting the habit of using through our PC or laptop? Let’s find out.

What Is Great and What Is Bad About Photoshop

Almost all web designers are familiar with Photoshop. It is one of the main reasons why it is popular. Most designers are basically couch potatoes, changing what they’ve been used to and learning a different workflow with the new tool may not be fun than you would think. Getting used to a software makes it faster to execute particular tasks, compared to training yourself to use new shortcuts and features.

You can use Photoshop Using Windows or iOS. This advantage makes it accessible for a lot of users. And since Adobe has launched two apps that can be used with your iPad, you can do image editing and mockup creating while on the go.

However, the accessibility can also be affected in a bad way because of the price. Instead of paying for the whole infinite use of the application, you’ll have to pay through its monthly subscriptions instead. This discourages a lot of web designers, leading them to lean on other cheaper software.

Sketch Came Along

Sketch has been here quite a while. And during that particular duration of time, it has gained a lot of audiences and loyal customers. Several Quora discussions consist of comments promoting the said application. Professional web designers have shared their own experience of breaking up with Photoshop and building a relationship with Sketch.

We wouldn’t be surprised, especially with the features that are available to Sketch that isn’t to Photoshop. First of all, it’s a lightweight phone app that doesn’t eat up a lot of Rams compared to the traditional Photoshop. Added to that, the said phone app provides with a less congregated menu with several tools located on the toolbar. It may seem that they’re congested, but a significant amount of using it will make you get used to them, making it a handy choice. Second, Sketch provides integrated grids, allowing web designers to tweak their design elements quicker and smoother. With several amazing template presents and Artboard presets, the designing process transforms into a great game. We know that you don’t have access to tools from Photoshop in the Sketch App. However, you can extend the app’s functionality by installing several plug-ins.

You can easily turn the statement “Coffee Machine can make your design possible” into a more meaningful and effective slogan thanks to Photoshop Sketch.

Are you ready to design using these tool? Now is the right time and of course, Don’t forget your coffee!