Capturing Precious Moments with Dog’s Photography


Taking photos of your pet dog(s) can sometimes be as challenging as shooting a beautiful sunset. At least with the sun, it can seemingly stay put for several minutes. But with these tricks below, you can capture as many amazing moments of your dog(s) as you want.

Don’t Use Flash

To acquire that lighting that you want, use natural light instead of your phone’s / camera’s flash. It doesn’t just cause red-eye, but it can also frighten your buddy or cause them to close their eyes. Instead, bring your dog outside, or stay in a well-lit room.

Focus on Your Pet’s Eye photo

As William Shakespeare once said “, the eyes are the window to your soul”. Your dog’s eye can be extremely expressive, this is why we told you earlier that you should avoid using flash so they don’t close their eyes. There is so much love we can get from dogs.

Schedule Your Photoshoot

Unless you’re doing it just for fun, a good formal pet photo can be acquired through a certain schedule. The best time is to take a photo of your dog when he’s sleepy or just woke up from his long sleep. This way, you can keep him still for a longer period of time. If you’re looking for a more dynamic moment, schedule a time where your pet dog is lively. Don’t force your dog to photoshoot sessions if he’s sick.

Taking a Photo of Your Dog in Motion

You might have tried taking photos of the fun moment of your dog running around your backyard, but it ends up blurry all the time. Most camera phones have the capacity to take clear photos of moving objects. If you’re using a higher-end camera (like a DSLR), there’s a trick to have the perfect motion shot. Take photos in a fast shutter speed, with a camera that can focus on a moving subject (which is your dog). This trick keeps the focus motor running the whole time, so keep pressing the back focus button. If you’re taking it during the night, you’ll have to increase the ISO.

You Can Make Your Dog Smile

You can make your dog smile, literally by taking him for a quick run or tugging a toy with him. Let him chase you around, or have a quick play time for a few minutes. Active dogs are joyous dogs, so there’s a big chance they’ll give you a big smile before they sit down.

Take Your Time

It may take a long time for you to be able to capture that perfect moment of your pet dog. But hey, a good result takes patience. You might not know, you find your dog’s best pose just as you pocket your camera phone. But before you can take it back, that perfect picture moment disappears. Don’t force him to do this and that, he’ll probably just get mad at you. There are times where you have to wait several days to have that photo that you really want.