Ways to capture a photo Moving Players in A ping pong game

Ping Pong is an intensive game, which needs good timing and accuracy when capturing photos during the game. There are various cell phones in the market with inbuilt cameras and videos but not all of them are suitable for capturing a photo of a moving player. To capture that historic move you need the following skills


Right camera position

Players have dynamic moves when receiving or responding to the ball. It is a necessity to have a good position to allow you capture the moves. In some events, there are designated areas for journalists and camera operators to take snapshots of their favorite players. In a podium, you might choose to start to ensure you have the right capture. However, you should consider other spectators while doing this. Security is also paramount; you might not be allowed to come closer to the play arena. Zoom in and zoom out features of your camera will be of help at this time. In an indoor venue, it might be easier since you can take the photo at close range.


High-resolution camera

The market has various cell phones with different resolution wavelength. Ensure your camera has a high resolution to help you capture the event within a short time. Remember the game is still on, a camera with a quick response will be better for such photography. A high-resolution camera might also capture the background and the play area together with the opponent. Journalists invest in high-resolution cameras to suit such a function.



A timer can also help in capturing the fast moves. The frequency of the capture while playing will capture all the moves giving you the option to choose the best shot. A time with a high frequency will capture the moves without any hitch.


Camera tricks skills

Some skills are learned on the job, you can learn the features of your cell phone camera to help you understand all the functions and choose which is ideal for the capture.

Multiple cameras


At times if your cell phone camera lacks auto rotate feature. A good capture might require a team effort. You can have other interested parties position themselves in the opposite direction so that each camera is able to capture players from their position. At the end of the game, you make a comparison and using infra-red features on cell phones you can share for everyone to have photos of all the captures.

Table tennis photography requires some level of photography expertise to enable you use the cell phone and get the spectacular captures of players playing around a good table tennis equipment(www.thepingpongguys.com). Cell phone manufacturers have developed cameras with high megapixels with great lenses to get the good captures. Cell phones with such quality are in demand and expensive. However, any cell phone with a camera can take the photos although the quality will be poor. Cell phones have numerous toolkits to support Ping Pong photography; you can use photo editing applications to enhance the quality of the photos.ppg