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The best camera for the modern user is your phone camera due to its mobility.

Nokia Graffiti is an art and photography blog with a focus on mobile photography. Founded by an avid mobile photographer with lots of experience capturing great images using his phone, we’re a platform where art and photographer lovers can access useful tips to improve their mobile photography skills

Mobile phone photography has advanced quickly over the years due to the ability to run sleek ad campaigns and capture images on the go. Also known as iphoneography, mobile photography allows you to take unexpected shots in unexpected moments. It could be a beautiful sunset, a grueling fight on the streets, or someone in an interesting attire.

Unlike an amateur “big camera” photographer, mobile photography allows you to be more prolific and versatile in what you can capture. This is for the reason that your photography mind is always on, ready to take capture photos as possibilities emerge. The unobtrusiveness and ubiquity nature of phone cameras make them ideal for taking shots of candid moments, even in public areas.


Why Mobile Photography ?

At Nokia Graffiti we’re all about art and mobile photography. We share with you tips that can help you become a better mobile photographer.

Most phone cameras capture dull photos, making first shots the beginning of a creative process. And, the captured image is the only raw material for the process. With hundreds of photo editing apps on the internet, you can easily edit your images into amazing works of art. And, photo editing is core to mobile photography.

Just like Photoshop, mobile photography apps give you the power to take your creativity a notch higher. Whereas some apps are free, others cost a few dollars. The apps allow you to edit your images on the go, making them ready for social sharing. Therefore, mobile photography becomes liberating for your creative mind and photographic spirit. Whenever you’re free or an opportunity to capture an interesting image emerges, you’re able to take shots and edit your images as necessary.

You become more creative through an app-based creative process without spending too much time or money on your photography. Mobile photography is vibrant and satisfying due to the ability to share your photos instantly with the rest of the world on social media. This gives instant gratification, atop inspiring you to take even more photos. You also get instant feedback on your photos.
People capture millions of photos daily and experiment with photo editing apps to put their creativity to the test. Apart from sharing your images on social media and receiving feedback, you can also seek inspiration from photos of other users. Photos shot using mobile phone cameras are criticized for being highly processed and far from reality. But, most photographers edit their images using Photoshop to give them a desirable look.
Just like big camera photographers use the best apertures, shutter speed and ISO to capture the best photos with amazing effects, you can use apps to edit your photos before sharing them. Mobile photography has become a hobby for many people worldwide due to the mobility of phones, low costs involved and the ability to share pictures on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Starmatic, EyeEm, and Flickr. However, Instagram is the mother of them all, hosting over 4 billion photos. It has more than 100 million active users. Although Facebook hosts more photos, about 140 billion, not all of them have been captured using mobile phones.

People mainly capture photos of their daily lives and unusual or interesting encounters. You capture photos that other users on social media can connect with despite being spread worldwide., an offline mobile photography platform of over 330 groups in different regions worldwide, and and feature great mobile artists and photographers.


Mobile Photography

Freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.

“It's the photographer, not the camera. That is just an instrument”
“Take your cellphone wherever you will go. Use it as your visual diary, capture photos of objects, people, and places”
Different Types of Phones Used for Photography and Art
The iPhone 12 are the best phone cameras for mobile photography. But… Ideally, the best mobile phone for photography is the one you already have. What matters is learning how to take great shots. But, if you’re on the market for a phone to use in mobile photography, make sure it has high megapixels count.
The Pros and Cons Using Cellphone for Photography and Art
It takes a good heart, love for photography and high megapixels to capture amazing photos using your mobile phone. Mobile photography produces amazing pieces of art that are made into prints, showcased in galleries or even shared online on Instagram. Mobile phones are convenient and allows you to playback your videos and photos anytime. With your phone at hand, you can capture photos anywhere, anytime. Mobile photography allows for instant sharing of captured photos online. High-end phones with large screens (5-6 inches) and high resolutions produce high quality images. The images are highly detailed and offer a pleasant playback experience. Well-captured shots produce quality images in terms of emotion, feeling, and composition related to viewers. You’re always learning to capture good photos and focus on good light. It allows for consistent image processing and nobody cares about the camera behind the amazing photos. The only con of mobile photography is the dullness of images captured.


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