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Tammy R. Cook

The Site Founder

Tammy R. Cook is the founder of Nokia Graffiti. His creativity and curious mind got him into exploring mobile photography, something he has never come to regret. His photos grew in popularity on social media and received lots of positive feedback.

Cook was inspired by other mobile photographers who shared their images online. And, the positive feedback he received on his images encouraged him to dive further into mobile photography.

Having enjoyed so much success in mobile photography and gained hands-on skills in the art over several years, he was inspired to start this blog. He enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge in mobile photography with like-minded persons and the rest of the world.


The mission of Nokia Graffiti is to share mobile photography tips and tricks with our audience. We give them tips to capture good images using their mobile phones.


Our aim is to become a leading blog on mobile photographer worldwide. We also look forward to changing lives through mobile photography.