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Crazy art pieces made with cell phones

July 4, 2016



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Crazy art pieces made with cell phones

Cell phones are small computers. They have inbuilt software and drivers that allow installation of graphical presentation component to create graphics and artwork. The android phones are even more simple and integrated with various pieces of artwork. Graphical presentation, desktop publishing, and image design software are compatible with the cell phone to give a touch of art in graphics and image presentation. Videos created from the phones can also have artwork incorporated especially for professional video editing.

These tools have given artists and easy time to play around with the shapes, images, background, and color themes to come up with a great artistic graphics. The traditional artwork was time-consuming and complex to make. The mobile phone technology has made artwork a click of a button away. However, not everyone is an artist. It also needs passions and skill talent to come up with an original, unique design that appreciates art.

Some of the art pieces created with cell phones include:

  • 3D animation: Traditional artwork could only create a 2D artwork. The cell phone technology has made it possible to have a 3D animation to give a clear view of images and graphics.
  • Customization: The cameras from the phones can be personalized and customized using various software to make a video series of them. Instead of navigating to watch photos the photo grid give a clear outlook of the images.
  • Digital technology: Cell phone has created digital photography with the cell phone having inbuilt cameras and display themes to capture images and videos
  • Photoshop; with the cell phone everything is possible. The mobile device can make you sit on top of the highest building through photoshop. It makes the impossible possible.
  • The cell phone has added artistic features like background themes, color, texture, zoom in and zoom out feature all these has made artwork have a different form than the ancient technology.
  • Old phones that have worn out, instead of disposing them some artists have stacked them to gather to form different form of statues. It can take a form of a human being, animals and monument depending on the artist.
  • Inbuilt shapes, smileys and “emojis”: At times you may lack words to express emotions. Android based phone have artistic images that represent different emotions.
  • Display and screensaver: The background themes of cellphones display artistic work of cell phones. There are hundreds of inbuilt screen savers for different phones.

The basic function of a cell phone is to make and receive calls. It is also widely used as a medium for internet connection. It has other additional functions like image capturing, video recording, tools- calculator, clock, timer among others. You will realize all the other features of the cell phone is directly or indirectly involved in the artwork. Each phone has the different inbuilt function of artwork.  In social media platforms, the cell phones have inbuilt symbols that communicate “smileys”. Others have cartoon images that have different movements to suit the context of the conversation.

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