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Different Mobile Photography Styles

June 2, 2021



There are many different styles of mobile photography. One style is called photo-journalism which captures the moment in a candid and unbiased way. Another style is called street photography, which involves capturing everyday life from an unconventional perspective.  This blog post will provide examples of both styles so you can get inspiration for your own photos!

When it comes to mobile photography, you may not know what style works best for you. Do you prefer a more intimate shot or a wide angle? This blog post will teach you how to create the perfect style for your photos!

Almost everyone has a mobile phone that they take photos with these days. That’s because it’s convenient to have with you at all times, and if you’re like me, the camera on your phone is better than what most people had 10 years ago. But even though we’re doing more and more photography through our phones these days, how many of us actually know what style of photography we are? I’m not just talking about whether or not the pictures look good or bad – there are different styles of taking photos for different purposes so knowing which one you use can help you get better results from your work!

A photojournalist captures events as they happen in order to tell stories about them later on.

We all want to capture the perfect moment with just one click. Picking a style for your photography can make or break that experience, so it is important to know which ones work best and why! Here are five great styles of mobile photography:

1. Toy Camera – For those who want to have a vintage look

2. Mono-tone – A monochrome photo that is often used in black and white photos

3. Double Exposure – For those who want to blend two different images together

4. Black & White – An artistic way of taking a photo without color

5. Silhouette – To create an interesting effect by cutting out the subject from its background 6. Night Photography Styles- There are many ways you can take night photography, some include long exposure, star trails, light painting, and more!

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