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Dog-Themed Mobile Phone Arts

September 8, 2018



Over the years, mobile phones have become a huge part of our lives. And the art world has shown tremendous support over digital artists. But today, we will take a look at the combination of dogs and art. Yes, dogs. Known as “man’s best friend” dogs have shown affection, love, and loyalty to humans of all ages. These adorable creatures have brought inspiration to artists and enthusiasts alike.

Move over bloggers,  because below are seven dogs to follow on Instagram to get the latest in the New York Art Scene.


  1. @williamwegman
    William Wegman is an American artist known for his creations with Weimaraners. At present, he lives in New York with his dogs Flo and Topper.
  1. @winstonthebkfrenchie
    The “Mayor of Clinton Hill” is known for his sad eyes, bow ties, and a nap buddy which is actually a cat.
  1. @confetta_poodle
    Confetta is a fashion icon. This dog diva models for Chromat, Telfar, and Hood by Air. Owned by the equally fashionable Lyndsy Welgos, Confetta is never seen without a fresh mani/pedi or fancy dog accessories.
  1. @picklebeholding
    Pickle is a bulldog with almost 12,000 followers on Instagram. He is often photographed inside art fairs and gallery shows. Sometimes he even models the newest trends in dog fashion.
  1. @bertiebertthepom
    Bertram is a Pomeranian who claims that he works for The Hole. His Instagram account is flooded with adorable pictures that dog lovers can’t get enough of.
  1. #jessebabyboyny
    Jesse is owned by Carole Server and Oliver Frankel, art collectors who spoiled Jesse in art studios, gallery tours, and studio visits.
  1. #ludwigvontruffle
    Ludwig von Truffle is a dachshund owned by artists Paul-Aymar Mourgue d’ Algue and Fabienne Stephan. This charming canine has a serious flair for curating.

But there’s more. Having dogs at home can be fun. We treat them as if we’re the same kind. Aside from Instagram photos, what more can we show our affection to our pets than to have them as phone accessories? Now that’s a surefire cuteness overload.

  1. Phone cases
    Apart from being a safety blanket for mobile phones, phone cases are a great accessory to make a fashion statement. Dress it up with customized designs like paw prints or a picture of your awesome pet nibbling on mushrooms. That’s right, mushrooms ok for dogs (except for the wild ones).
  1. Dog-inspired decal
    Decals are a great way to express love for your pets. Stick them at the back of your mobile phones, laptops, or tablet and you’re gadgets are all set.
  1. Mobile phone stand
    Dog- shaped phone stands are excellent for office desk accessories.   Not only will you get attention from your boss or office mates, but it describes a bit more about yourself outside of work. You will be surprised to have a colleague sharing the same interest as you.
  1. Touch Pen
    Unleash the artist in you and grab a dog-shaped touch pen and doodle away. This works well in iPad Minis and Samsung Notes because of  Its plug-and-play feature.
  1. Mini speaker
    What’s the best way to share music on the go than to have a mini speaker- shaped like a puppy of course.
  1. Cable charger with humping dog toy
    Imagine a simple charger with a humping dog toy on it, how cute is that? The dog toy humps once it’s plugged in.
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