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How to Create Great Photos with Your Phone

December 2, 2021



If you’re a blogger, a business owner, or just someone who likes to take pictures of your day-to-day life, then you have probably been frustrated with the quality of photos taken from your phone. You might be thinking that it’s not worth using your camera because you can’t get good shots anyway. However, there are ways to make those bad photos better! In this blog post, we’ll show you how to create great photos with your phone!

Know your phone’s limitations and capabilities.

Nokia phones were known for their great cameras, but that was then. Nowadays it’s all about Apple and Samsung. But if you’re not an iPhone or Galaxy user there is still hope! Many other companies have made huge strides in the mobile phone camera department so don’t get discouraged just because your phone isn’t popular. If you have a Nokia Lumia, LG G series, or Moto X Pure Edition you have a great camera!

Search online to find out what cameras come with your phone. If it’s not the best don’t get discouraged and stop taking pictures because you can create amazing photos if take advantage of all your phone’s capabilities. The most important thing is that you enjoy using it!

There are some great apps that can help you edit your pictures and create unique effects. Some of the most popular apps for photo editing include Snapseed, VSCO Cam, Enlight Photofox, Afterlight, Facetune (for selfies), Adobe Lightroom Mobile (paid service but amazing quality) Camera+ ($0.99), Adobe Photoshop Express, and PicsArt.

Don’t let your phone’s camera scare you away from trying to create great photos! Have fun with it!

Find the best lighting and background for your photo.

This will make your photo look better overall.


  • If you are taking a picture inside, turn on all of the lights in the room to get rid of shadows and add more light to the subject matter.
  • Turn off any flash that your phone camera may have if it is not harsh sunlight. The flash can ruin some good pictures.
  • If you are taking a picture outside, try to take the photo in the early morning or evening when there is not as much harsh sunlight. This will make it easier on your eyes and create better photos overall.
  • Make sure that what is behind your subject matter isn’t too distracting if possible. You can either choose to crop it out or move somewhere else to take the picture.
  • Take as many photos as you need until you get one that looks good and is not blurry. You can always delete bad pictures later on through your phone camera roll if necessary.

Use a timer or tripod to take photos.

A tripod will be a lot of help when taking a photo and also a timer if there is no one going to take the picture. The advantage of using the tripod is that it will help to take a steady photo without any blur. If the tripod has a remote control, even better because you can use your phone and press the button when you are ready to shoot the picture.

It is very difficult to take photos with an iPhone or Android if there is no timer in place or someone who does not shake hands when taking a picture. You could take a picture of the scenery, people or food. When taking a picture of the scenery, you should choose a good background and make sure it is visible. You can also use an app to take pictures, but if the camera has more noise then not using any app will be better for your mobile phone photography experience.

Consider taking photos of various kinds of food when they’re ready. Suppose you grilled some meats using a built in gas grill, it’d be best to include them in your photo gallery too. Feature in some recipes for delicious dishes and show the smokers you used. Smokers are a great way to make smoked meats.

Learn about different types of lenses you can use on your phone, such as fish-eye lens, wide-angle lens, macro lens, etc.

You want to learn about the different lenses you can use on your phone, right? There are many options. For example, a fish-eye lens gives a wider view of what’s happening in front while a wide angle is great for capturing groups and landscapes with ease! Macros will help take pictures up close so they’re crystal clear even from an arm’s length away – sometimes all we need as individuals who may not be tall or have small children yet but still appreciate having them around makes these types of photography possible too.

Mobile phone photography has become a popular topic in recent years and many people are turning towards this for their day-to-day lives because it’s simply easier than carrying around heavy equipment or lugging DSLRs from point A to point B when out and about.

Including the details that mobile phone photography has become a popular topic in recent years and many people are turning towards this for their day-to-day lives because it’s simply easier than carrying around heavy equipment or lugging DSLRs from point A to point B when out and about would be beneficial as well. Can you think of any ways to include these details?

To sum up,

With these tips, you can take your photos to the next level! If you’re looking for more great photography-related content, follow us on social media and subscribe to our blog. We’ll be sharing some of our favorite camera tricks in upcoming posts so stay tuned!

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