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How to photograph fireworks

September 23, 2021



Photographing fireworks can be difficult. Even if you have the perfect vantage point, you need to know how to adjust your camera settings so that it can capture all of the colors and movement in a single frame. There are three basic steps: setting up your tripod, adjusting your shutter speed and aperture, and choosing an exposure mode.

Here are some tips on how to take better images. 

  • Look for natural light sources such as lampposts and distant streetlights so you don’t need as many flashbulbs, which can ruin your shot if they go off too close by.

  • If there is no good lighting at your location, try using a flashlight with an orange cellophane wrapper over its lens

  • Always shoot from a comfortable distance away and zoom in as needed.

  • To set up your tripod, find a spot with a clear view of the sky where there is no chance for interference from trees or other objects that may block some of the display.

  • Switch your camera’s shooting mode to manual and select one stop above what you think will give you crisp images without too much motion blur.
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