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Radar Detector & Smartphone Apps That Every Car Should Have For Safety

July 19, 2019



Motorists love driving without interference. This is the reason at one point they are caught off guard by law enforcers for over speeding at designated areas. A radar detector is the best solution for this. How then do you know the best radar detector for you? There are many options to choose from different types of radar detector available on the market. Furthermore, to make work easy and efficient, you can also install some of the apps on your smartphones for the same purpose. The disadvantage of this is when there is low battery then you may not be able to access the internet to get the information. Here are a few apps that can help people be safe on the road.

•    Google Maps

•    Waze

•    RoadTrippers

•    DriverMatics

•    Castbox

•    MileIQ

•    Parkify

These apps work along with other navigation tools not only to detect the radar guns but also to give you your exact location. The type of radar detectors depends on many factors. Some of them include

•    Performance

•    Size

•    Strength of the signal

•    Selectivity and sensitivity of the frequency

•    Audio and music alert systems

•    Smartphone compatibility

•    Frequency of the signals

Let us look at five best radar detectors common in the market

Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Radar Detector

This is a digital device that uses radar sensitivity with a colored LED light. It comes with a double suction pump. It uses a GPS to detect the location and the radar signal within no minute. The audio and camera alert system comes in handy to manage all its functions in line with frequency signals.

Cobra ESD7570

This is a laser technology to detect all the frequency signals. It comes with an ultra-bright LED display. It can also display the signal meter. Its other advantage is the mode of the location whether it is a city or a highway.

Valentine One

This is a common type of radar common with most motorists. It comes in handy to make sure that you are able not only to get the signals but also to identify the location in which it comes from. It is simple and portable ideal for even the small and the big cars.

Escort Passport S55

When looking for a radar detector with an automated sensitivity and selectivity functionality then this is the best fit. This is a tool that can detect long-range signals to give you time to respond to the right speed while driving. The visual and voice alerts system supported on the app comes in handy to manage frequency signals immediately.

Escort iX

This is a high-performance machine that comes in handy to detect radar signals even at a long-range. Its advantage is that it gives you time as a motorist to brake or reduce speed to conform to the required speed limit. In addition to that, it also has additional features which include Bluetooth and network connectivity such that you can use it with compatible devices. The LED display and the audio alerts are also basic functions that come with this radar detector. Motorists have unlimited options when it comes to radar detectors. You just need to understand the frequency signals. Additional functions that come with the gadget determine the correct choice for purchase. All in all, your budget is the overall dictator on the model and type of radar detector to take home.

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