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Using MailChimp to sell artwork

July 22, 2016



Using MailChimp to sell artwork


MailChimp is Email marketing software that uses a single opt-in function to reach its prospects. The email marketing tools can be personalized and customized with a touch of artwork in them to give a more detailed and attractive Email. The marketing campaign tools can have artistic images and graphics  in them to reduce boredom associated with plain text email. Different style and designs can be incorporated to produce an email with a professional touch. The image and text editor allows the artwork to be incorporated in the toolset. The following are some of the functions that can use artwork in MailChimp.

  • Newsletter design: Subscribers who receive newsletters periodically can have artistic newsletters that communicate or pass information.
  • Marketing campaign tool: In marketing artwork is a required feature to design and create effective marketing tools. MailChimp customizable image editor can support a bit of artwork.
  • MailChimp cards: This software has postcards that cost averagely $10 this can have some artistic function to give out a real- time well- designed cards.
  • Spam filters: The use of artwork even in email can make it pass the filter and not sent as a spam making the email not readable by the desired prospect.
  • MailChimp merchandise: Merchandise can be designed and logo printed on them they include: hats, T-shirts, newsletters, toys, blog among others.
  • Order form: order and query forms can have the logo or name of the company so that the client when making an order is sure of the product if he knows the logo.
  • Reports: While generating reports and analysis of the efficiency of the marketing tools, the graphs, and flow charts are drawn from the work of MailChimp software.
  • Courses and training supported by MailChimp can have some art in the titles, subtitles footnotes and headers so that when they are being sent they have an aesthetic value with a touch of art.
  • Background images of the tools is also a good example of artwork that that can be sold on the MailChimp platform.
  • MailChimp has different artistic styles inbuilt in the software that can be incorporated into the marketing campaign tools to bring out an awesome toolset.
  • While navigating from one page to the other or from one component to the other within the MailChimp software, the system has colors and pattern that can be used together when navigating.
  • Mail lists, subscribers contacts, groups can be classified and categorized into different groups and segments. Artists can use this feature to differentiate the groups with different colors, background themes so that even when sending the marketing tool one can be able to differentiate.
  • When making a follow up on the efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing tool, flow charts, pie charts, statistics and graphs can be differentiated using MailChimp artistic tools.
  • See comparison with other marketing software:www.Gedlynk.com

MailChimp as a marketing software can be used in various ways to sell artwork. A marketing campaign tool that is just artwork can be designed and the platform used to reach clients and prospects with great success.

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